Chairman’s Christmas Challenge

The details: Two teams, since we have access to two projectors.Maximum of 6 people in each team.Each team to have a maximum of 25 images.Images can only be used once.The number of rounds will be determined by the time that is available and the length of time each round takes. If at the end of the expected time it is a draw then a final round will take place. Images are to be projected at the same screen size to remove the possible advantage the…

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Practical night 21/10/19

Ross Pointon GPUK GFight Gear

The main focus of this evening is a studio style model photo session. Our model for the evening is Rachyy of whom you will have seen some photos in club competitions. If using lighting or working with a model is new to you, do not worry. Rachyy can fluidly auto-pose and technical help with cameras and settings will be available. Intentionally the first part will be a continuous lighting setup with classic Hollywood ‘key and kicker’. Given that it is continuous lighting you can use…

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Monday’s meeting is a workshop night – 9th September 2019


This is a workshop night. there will be three sessions to choose from. Each session will be repeated after the tea break. Image critique session – Paul & Irene Please bring along images that you would like some constructive critique on. These need not be ‘finished’ images and can be prints or digital files. Layers and blending – Wendy The use of layers and blending those layers into the final image. Insight into how Wendy creates her images. Colour management from capture to print –…

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