Practical night 21/10/19

The main focus of this evening is a studio style model photo session. Our model for the evening is Rachyy of whom you will have seen some photos in club competitions. If using lighting or working with a model is new to you, do not worry. Rachyy can fluidly auto-pose and technical help with cameras and settings will be available.

Intentionally the first part will be a continuous lighting setup with classic Hollywood ‘key and kicker’. Given that it is continuous lighting you can use your in-camera metering, ideally spot meter off the face. The ‘Me’ lanyard will be in use to help Rachyy know who to pay most attention to at that time. Recommended exposure settings will be available on the white wipe board.

The second part will be a flash setup in a different style. One person at a time with the trigger. Manual mode will be necessary and ‘Ideal’ settings will be on the white wipe board again. ISO 100, required shutter speed will be below your camera’s sync speed. Sync speed is likely to be between 1/160 and 1/250 depending on the camera.

There will be custom whitebalance setting targets available for use.