Open PDI Competition 

On Monday 26th February we held our Open PDI Competition. We had the privilege of having Peter Siviter judge our Open PDI Competition. Not only was it a very enjoyable evening but the standard of judging was exceptional. He had a very difficult juggling act, critiquing all of the entries in a very confidant, entertaining and professional way. The results were:-


First – Chris Brennan – Evening Stroll

Second – Chris Brennan – Cascading Trio

Third – Alan Lovatt – The Jokers Stare

HC – Chris Brennan – Through he Fence

HC – Gordon Clayton – Chrysanthemum

C – John Richards – Orangetip Outside

C – Chris Brennan – Bloom in the Gloom


First – Morning Light – Irene Stupples

Second – Paul Way – Grebe with Perch

Third – Paul Way – The Pier

HC – Paul Way – Padarn

C – Jeff Mansell – Fairy Mist