Practical night 21/10/19

Ross Pointon GPUK GFight Gear

The main focus of this evening is a studio style model photo session. Our model for the evening is Rachyy of whom you will have seen some photos in club competitions. If using lighting or working with a model is new to you, do not worry. Rachyy can fluidly auto-pose and technical help with cameras and settings will be available. Intentionally the first part will be a continuous lighting setup with classic Hollywood ‘key and kicker’. Given that it is continuous lighting you can use…

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Key points from the colour management session 09/09/19

a) If using in-camera JPEG files, set the colourspace in the camera. b) Use the colourspace for your output. For most this will be sRGB. if you have a printer that has more than cyan, magenta, yellow and black then Adobe RGB might be better to use. c) Wider colour spaces can introduce more problems than they are worth. d) If using JPEG then setting the white balance correctly before taking the photograph is important. e) Auto-whitebalance usually does a ‘good job’ in daylight conditions.…

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Monday’s meeting is a workshop night – 9th September 2019


This is a workshop night. there will be three sessions to choose from. Each session will be repeated after the tea break. Image critique session – Paul & Irene Please bring along images that you would like some constructive critique on. These need not be ‘finished’ images and can be prints or digital files. Layers and blending – Wendy The use of layers and blending those layers into the final image. Insight into how Wendy creates her images. Colour management from capture to print –…

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Studio style practical evening February 2018


The studio style Practical evening was, as ever, a bit of a frantic blur for me. From the moment Alan picked me up to the final unloading of the equipment back at home, everything was just ‘go’. The two setups were, intentionally quite different. Classical head and shoulders portrait and blown white full length. For the portrait setup a Hensel ExpertD 500 was fitted with a white Hensel beauty dish ( ACW ). This was on a Manfrotto boom stand to enable it to be…

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Derek Doar – HDR and panoramas

Derek has forwarded the .pdf files that go along with his presentation on Monday night. You can access them via the links below: HDR Panoramas There is also a YouTube video on removing halo edges using the technique he described. I’m not getting any sound on this one so I have also posted another one:   Also the parallax point: Will Chairman and ‘Webmaster’ with a preference for photography involving drama, stories and people.

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Cheadle CATS – Sunday 18th February 2018

For quite a few years members of the camera club have had the opportunity to photograph the cast and a performance of the CATS Panto. This year that opportunity is on Sunday 18/02/18. This takes place at the Cheadle Academy / Cheadle High School. Usually I provide 2 studio style setups. One is for the blown white background ( this is NOT high-key ) which I use to get the photos that they want. The second setup is usually a coloured or dark background for…

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Practical night 12th February 2018

For the Practical night on 12th February 2018 we have two models booked, and the intention is to have two setups on the night. One of these will be for full length images and the other for headshot / beauty style photographs. This is to replace the one that didn’t happen earlier in the year due to the speaker’s wife being hospitalised in an assualt whilst working at a Hospital. Both Bella and Chris are used to working with a range of photographers and in…

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Derek Doar – Modern conversion of digital files to monochrome images using Nik SilverEfex

The objective for the evening was very clear – quality conversion of digital image files into monochrome. I’ve been using a very much slimmed down version of Silver Efex  that is integral to Nikon’s CNX2 software for many years and, more recently, the Photoshop plug-in with my Canon files. When Google purchased Nik they did a ‘free complete suite if you have previously purchased one of their plug-ins’. I had the Colour Efex Pro 3 plug-in for CNX2 and therefore qualified for the complete package…

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