Chairman’s Christmas Challenge

The details:

  1. Two teams, since we have access to two projectors.
  2. Maximum of 6 people in each team.
  3. Each team to have a maximum of 25 images.
  4. Images can only be used once.
  5. The number of rounds will be determined by the time that is available and the length of time each round takes.
  6. If at the end of the expected time it is a draw then a final round will take place.
  7. Images are to be projected at the same screen size to remove the possible advantage the team having the big screen might have.
  8. For each round a single word ‘theme’ will be pulled from a ‘hat’. The time that teams will have to select their image will decrease as the competition progresses. 10 second warning will be given.
  9. Whilst making their selection the team must block out their projector (card ).
  10. When the ’reveal’ instruction is given teams reveal their image. If a team is not ready they forfeit that round.
  11. The panel of 11 (?) adjudicators then choose which image they consider to best match the word. It is not ‘which is the is the best image’ but which one is the best match. 15 seconds to vote. Winning team get a point.
  12. If the chief adjudicator ( Chairperson ) considers the adjudicators to have judged on the quality of the image and not the matching to the theme then the chief adjudicator can overrule the panel’s vote.
  13. Each team will have a Joker card. The Joker has to be played before the reveal. If the team playing the Joker card win that round then they gain the vote difference between the votes in points. If the vote is 8 – 2 then the team will get 6 points.
  14. There might be bonus question points, depends on how smoothly things go. The question will relate to the word.
  15. Displaying the selected image: Software choice is down to the team. Adobe Bridge is probably the smoothest. You can view the thumbnails, select the one that you want and press the space bar to ‘full screen’ it. Once used just delete the image. If you have two folders, each with the full set of images in then you will have a backup set if a ‘playoff’ is required.