Practical night 24/09/18

The first practical night of the season was studio style setups for people photographs. Our model for the evening was Mina Von Vixen. Mina’s vintage style enabled the first set to be classic Hollywood style two-point lighting. One key light about 45° from the front and 45°up. The second light was a kicker directly opposite the key. The lighting used was a pair of Fresnel lensed Lupo HMI continuous lights. The Fresnel lens gives the lighting the same quality as those classic monochrome images from…

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Studio style practical evening February 2018


The studio style Practical evening was, as ever, a bit of a frantic blur for me. From the moment Alan picked me up to the final unloading of the equipment back at home, everything was just ‘go’. The two setups were, intentionally quite different. Classical head and shoulders portrait and blown white full length. For the portrait setup a Hensel ExpertD 500 was fitted with a white Hensel beauty dish ( ACW ). This was on a Manfrotto boom stand to enable it to be…

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Derek Doar – HDR and panoramas

Derek has forwarded the .pdf files that go along with his presentation on Monday night. You can access them via the links below: HDR Panoramas There is also a YouTube video on removing halo edges using the technique he described. I’m not getting any sound on this one so I have also posted another one:   Also the parallax point: Will Chairman and ‘Webmaster’ with a preference for photography involving drama, stories and people.

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