Competition rules

  • A competition entry may consist of up to 5 images presented in the required manner and must be accompanied by a correctly completed competition entry form.
  • If the entries from members of the club exceed the limit for the competition, then individuals may only have 3 or 4 entries put into the competition.
  • Entries are to be listed in rank order such that if the quota is reduced to 4 entries it will be the one listed fifth that will not be used and if the quota is reduced to 3 entries it will be the ones listed fourth and fifth that will not be used.
  • All entries including the completed competition entry form must be with the competition secretary at least one week prior to the competition date.
  • Only work in which all of the elements of the image have been photographed by the author may be submitted.
  • Any alteration/manipulation must be the work of the author.
  • It will be allowable to edit any image which has been entered into an internal competition in response to judge’s comments. Any images which are edited and resubmitted must keep their original title.

Entrants are divided into two section, Intermediate and Advanced.

  • New members may choose to be in either the Intermediate or the Advanced section.
  • At the end of each season the author with the highest point’s scored in the Intermediate section will be moved to the Advanced section.
  • Any member who has moved to the Advanced section, or new member who has chosen to be in the Advanced section, BUT has not been as successful as they desired, may apply to the committee to return to the Intermediate section at the beginning of the following season.

Print Competiton:

  • Print entries must be mounted on 500mm x 400mm mount broad.
  • The print should be titled on the rear top left corner with the authors name and the title of the image.

Projected Digital Image (PDI) Competiton:

  • PDI needs to be a maximum of 1600w pixels x 1200h pixels (Portrait format images must not exceed 1200 pixels high).
  • Format just be Jpeg in maximum size and best quality.
  • The colour space set to sRGB.
  • the file name should be the same as shown on the entry form.

Points are awarded in each class   

  • 1st place 10 points.
  • 2nd place 8 points.
  • 3rd place 6 points.
  • Highly Commended 4 points.
  • Commended 2 points.