Practical night 12th February 2018

For the Practical night on 12th February 2018 we have two models booked, and the intention is to have two setups on the night. One of these will be for full length images and the other for headshot / beauty style photographs. This is to replace the one that didn’t happen earlier in the year due to the speaker’s wife being hospitalised in an assualt whilst working at a Hospital.

Both Bella and Chris are used to working with a range of photographers and in a variety of styles. They also both have Burlseque and fire routines that they perform.

Purpleport profiles – Viewing of Purpleport is NOT safe for workplaces etc. !   Bella and Chris

To get the best out of the evening you will need to be using your camera completely in manual mode, apart from focus. If you are not sure how, others will help you, just ask. There will be information with each setup detailing the exposure settings.

Shutter speed is the one that can be different camera model to camera model. This is because of different flash sync speeds etc. One of the Canon 5D models would drop to 1/30 with some flash units. Usually 1/125 as a starting point works. If you are getting a black band on one side of the image then your shutter speed is too high.

If the suggested setting is ISO 100 and F2.8 then, if you want to use F5.6 that is 2 stops more so ISO will need to go up to 400. Please do NOT try to change the settings on the lights. I’ll also have some Whitebalance setting tools available to facilitate your post-processing.


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