Practical night – Tabletop photography with Mark Wilbrey

Mark Wilbrey was back at the club to delver another session, this time table top photography. He started off by telling us about some of the things that he finds useful to have around for table top photography:

  • Bulldog clips
  • Laminate flooring fitting wedges
  • Matt spray, clear – dulls down reflective surfaces – spray on, wipe off – probably best used outdoors given the fumes.
  • White balance target to set an in-camera custom WB

He prefers to use a macro lens for this type of photography.

He provided us with two setups which had an assortment of items for the first half and then, after the break, there would be some jewellery. One setup used speedlights and the other used LED panels. He emphasised the need to explore the lighting and setups oneself, not just accept what is there. If you just snap away then you will not be exploring what the lighting is doing and therefore not learning.

The photos below were taken on a Fuji with a 35mm F1.4 and 18mm F2 lens. Lighting was just the fluorescent tubes in the hall.

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