Midsummer madness Monday 3rd August

Here it is, the theme is:

Whatever you see,
to look good make it three.

Be they all different or all the same,
You’ll definitely need to have three in the frame.

Remember, one or two images, straight out of camera pus, maybe, resizing to 1400 pixels wide.

Must be taken between 7pm and 8:30pm

Email to Alan by 10pm at: alan.j.lovatt@btinternet.com

Blythe Bridge Camera Club is pleased to announce a new “For Fun” Competition.
In these present Covid-19 dominated times the Club is offering members the opportunity to take
part in a new “virtual” competition called Midsummer Madness.
The rules of the competition are simple:
The Competition will be held on 3rd August 2020, or in the event of severe inclement weather
then on 4th August 2020. On the day, within a fixed time period of 90 minutes starting at 7.00
pm, participants will have to find, photograph and submit a maximum of 2 images in JPEG format
which are based around a theme which will be announced on the club’s website at 6.30 pm on
the day itself. There are no restrictions as to what the image is, only that it must obviously reflect
the theme.
In the interest of fairness the theme will be chosen on the day by Chris Lord who will not take part
in the competition himself. .
No, repeat no, editing of the images is allowed, whether on a computer or in camera, so this
means that they must be as shot, straight out of the camera. Cropping is not allowed.
Participants are placed on their honour not to use old images or edited images.
The images must be submitted to Alan Lovatt by email and received by him by 8.45 pm at the
latest. Any images received after this cut-off time will be rejected. Alan will need to be advised of
the title of each image by listing each image number (Eg DSC01234.JPG) together with its title in
the email. If you have time within the 90 minutes, resizing to comply with the Club’s PDI rules, (i.e.
1400 x 1050 pixels ) can be undertaken before submitting and this would be appreciated.
Resizing will not be considered as editing. If resizing is not practical within the allotted time span
then Alan has, in this instance only, agreed to do any necessary resizing.
Alan has kindly offered to compile a slideshow of the images which will then be available to view
at a “Zoom” meeting to be held at 7.30 pm on the 10th August 2020 for members to view and
make their choices for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place . Please email your selection for each of the three
places to Chris Lord by 10.30 pm that day.
The results will collated and will be published two days later on the Club’s Facebook page and
Please remember this is a “ for fun competition” and no points will be awarded so it will not affect
members “rankings” for next season.