AV competition – 29/01/18

For a few years the number of entries for this competition had been disappointing. This year the number of entries were up, 12 in total, although there were only 5 entrants. The scope of the entry ranged from slideshows of photographs to music through to full audio-visual presentations with narration and a story.

Some of the entries were about a ‘day out’, some about inspirations and some reminiscing. There was even a sing-a-long entry !. I didn’t know if ‘audience participation’ was within the remit of an AV. However, it did work and it also provided some simple fun. Given how seriously competitions seem to be being taken at the moment I wanted to get in some light-hearted fun. It wasn’t placed but I enjoyed eating the meatballs, excepting the one that rolled down the garden ………….!

We also had possibly the shortest entry with ‘Work in progress’. Sometimes the impact of what you are trying to say is greater if the message is succinct and to the point.

Feedback given by our AV Guru, Jeff, was welcomed, encouraging and on-point.

The judging was voting by the members using a voting slip. The result was delayed due to the need for a re-count.

After the break Jeff shared some other AVs with us from other competitions.


Place Title Photographer
1st What’s it all about?  Jeff Mansell
2nd Hidden treasure  Christine Lovatt
3rd Trains: sights and sound  Ian Smith

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