2018 MCPF Photofolio Exhibition

 The following Club Members images were accepted into the 2018 MCPF Photofolio Exhibition. :-

Paul Way – Colour Print:  Grebe With Chick 14 points
David Slade –  Mono Print: Brighton Pier 13points
George Robinson – Colour Print: Misty Appearance 14 points
Alastair Gorton – Colour Print: Stonechat 13 points
Richard Bryant – Open PDI: Mating Frogs 12 points
Jim Stupples – Open PDI:  Alone with a Friend 11 points
                      Colour Print:  Morning Prayers 13 points
Alone with a friend – Jim Stupples

Irene Stupples – Mono Print: Companions 12 points Colour Print: Serenity 13 points; Tranquil Sea 15 points and the Ralph Duckett Medal

Wendy Irwin – Open PDI: A Rose in a Bottle 13 points; Pink Flowers in a Meadow 11 points; Whitby in the Gloom 12 points
                    Colour Prints: Two Bottles and a Rose 13 points; Slightly Creepy Clowns 13 points; Meeting Under the Arches 13 points.
Slightly creepy clowns – Wendy Irwin
Well done to everyone for gaining acceptances and to Irene for being awarded the Ralph Duckett Medal.
Thank you to everyone for allowing us to use your images

See you all at the AGM on 4th June.

Regards, Alan Lovatt 

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