Open PDI competition 18/02/19

Our judge for the evening was Louise Walton


1st Peregrine Falcon with Red Leg Ian Smith
2nd Grey Heron David Hulme
3rd Smokin’ !! David Bourne
Highly commended Mud splattered David Bourne
Highly commended Beetle in the hub David Bourne
Commended Crisis at the turn Ian Smith
Commended Ragged Victorians David Hulme


1st Langdale Pikes David Slade
2nd Dipper feeding chick Paul Way
3rd Kissing clowns Wendy Irwin
Highly commended A leap ahead Paul Way
Highly commended Wells next the sea David Slade
Commended Reine Irene Stupples
Commended Red grouse in the snow Steve Simcox