1st Open Print September 2021

1st – Redpoll on Cones By Stephen Simcox

The Judge: John Haines

Intermediate section.

1st – Watching the Sunset By Alan Lovatt

2nd – Keyes Serves By Alan Lovatt

3rd – American Signal Crayfish By David Bourne

HC – Balloon Flight over Alton By Charles Harris

HC – Tom Ingram BTTC By David Bourne

C – Bench on the 17th By Gordon Clayton

C – Torx Falls By Charles Harris

Advanced Section.

1st – Redpoll on Cones By Stephen Simcox

2nd – Grey on Windy Ridge By Ian Smith

3rd – Black Rock Hut By David Slade

HC – Aaron Hickley at Kingsley Park By Cliff Hughes

HC – Grey Heron By Cliff Hughes

HC – Morning Mist By Paul Way

C – Barn Owl By Richard Bryant

C – Imperial War Museum By David Slade