Practical workshop 30/09/13

Following the questionnaire at the end of last season showing that members wanted more on close-up and macro photography, this session was aimed at those areas. There were four setups, two flash and two with Lupo HMI lights. Various objects and sets were available for members including items that they brought with them. Unusually for me I did not actually take any photographs on the night, too busy with the setups and helping people. I did however take a few earlier in the day when I was checking some of the setups.

clematis seed head against a black background seed head with a Lupo 400 focused to a spot as the light source and black velvety cloth as the light absorbing background. If I’d been taking it as a serious photograph then a tripod will have been used.

Floers in a vase

This was with a Lupo 800 light with the lens set for a wide spread of the light. The background is just a white sheet of card. No Photoshop used, just Nikon’s CNX2.

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