Open print competition – September 2013

With this being the first competition of the season there was much anticipation and some nervousness. Last year, Steve Geary, a newcomer to the club but not new to photography competitions, clearly announced his arrival going straight into the Advanced category and he had a very strong year. What might happen this year ?

Amongst the Intermediate entries there were first time entries from people who had just  joined the club and not previously entered a competition; some from people who joined last season but had not yet entered a competition and some from people who have more than a season of competition entry under their belt.

The judge for the competition was Tony Pioli who, whilst his main photography focus is wildlife / nature / landscapes he made it clear from the outset that he would not let this influence his decisions. After each image in the Intermediate category was critiqued and the final selection was being made one person at the back was paying very close attention, even getting up to take what a photograph that he had in the final selection was up against and trying to gauge the judge’s thoughts. After joining the club last year but not entering any competitions, this person was a little on tenterhooks and came away with a well deserved placing. The quality of the bird images in the category was very high, as reflected in Keith’s winner.

Intermediate results:

1st – Pied flycatcher by Keith Clowes
2nd – D Florence ( Canoeist ) by Adam Geary
3rd – Strix Aluso ( motorcyclist ) by Brian Pawson
Highly commended – Don’t come any closer by Brian Pawson and Head turner by Ray Platt
Commended – Up, up and away by Wendy Irwin and Ploughed field by Margaret Holmes

Wendy is in her second year with the club and her entry was the winner of the club’s Alton Towers competition back in July. I know from my own experience of winning that competition twice that when taken out of the Alton Towers context such images tend to not do as well in general club competitions. Adam joined last year but did not enter any competitions last year. Both of them are new to camera clubs and competitions. One of the images that I really liked was by another new member ‘Umbrellas’ – quite painterly without being overtly ‘digital’.

Advanced results:

1st – Dad’s Army by Steve Geary
2nd – Dirt bikes at Hawke Stone by Cliff Hughes
3rd – Autumn Cottage by Paul Way
Highly commended – Llandulas sunset by Paul Way and The Devil’s Kitchen by Cliff Hughes
Commended – Bright eyes by Stephen Simcox and Ramshaw Rocks by Cliff Hughes

Steve’s winner saw him carry on where he left off last season with strong new images.

As reflected in the images he selected, Tony was true to his word of not favouring images from his preferred genres and he concentrated on what he considered to be the best image irrespective of its genre.

Congratulations to all who took part and I look forward to seeing new images as the season progresses particularly since we might be in for some surprises. Thanks again to Christine for the organisation of the entries and to Alan and Ken for the flow of prints to the light box for judging.

Next month’s competition is on the 21st October. It is an Open PDI* and entries must be with the Competition’s Secretary, Christine, by 7th October. If you are not sure about how to go about this there are details on the entry form and advice on resizing the image file for a PDI available via the links here and on the ‘Help and Forms’ page.

Christine has a lot to do in preparing competitions, the least we can do is make sure everything is done correctly for her.

* Open – No set subject matter, any genre / style.
PDI – Projected Digital Image – you supply a suitably prepared digital image file and the images are projected.

PDI is not to be confused with:
DPI  – Dots Per Inch – printer and scanner resolutions
PPI – Pixels Per Inch – image file resolution and often mis-named in software as DPI ( Adobe, Nikon and some others are guilty of this )

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