Landscape Competition results 2018

morning mist at llyn crafnant

Our judge for the evening was Darrel Oakden, his first time at the club.. Unusually there were significantly more entries in the Advanced category than the Intermediate. I think that this is the first time this has happened. The winner of the Landscape of the year competition was Alastair Gorton with Dunstanburgh Castle. Intermediate 1st Dunstanburgh Castle Alastair Gorton 2nd Ancient mariner Alastair Gorton 3rd Havana peddle taxi Ian Smith Highly commended Uluru sunrise Graham Salt Highly commended Beagle channel daybreak Graham Salt Commended Talacre…

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Landscape competition and AV competition 2018

Just a reminder that we restart on January 8th 2018. The Landscape / Seascape competition is the following week so entries need to be in on the 8th. The AV competition is on 29th January so finishing touches, or, in my case, earnest creation, needs to be underway. One of mine has the working title of ‘Merlin to broomsticks via St Petersburg’. Another involves me doing some cooking !. Will

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Open Print competition – 20th November 2017

Brighton Pier

Our judge for the evening was David Venables DPAGB BPE4, someone who is quite used to knowing what a good competition image requires. His critique was focused and forward moving for each photographer who entered. Thank you David. This was the first competition of the year for new prints. The two previous competitions were ‘Best of the rest’ for last season’s prints that were not placed in the top three and a PDI competition. It was refreshing to see that all of the images were,…

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Open PDI competition – 16th October 2017

rideing the waves

Judge: Peter Siviter EFIAP DPAGB Place Title Photographer 1st  Grey Heron  Alastair Gorton 2nd  Heacham Groynes  Alastair Gorton 3rd  Blowing in the wind  Christine Lovatt Highly Commended  Energy  Ian Smith Highly Commended  Perch Rock Lighthouse  Michelle Brooks Commended  Then I said to her ……….  Denise Hartley Commended  The Ploughman  Alastair Gorton   Advanced Category Place Title Photographer 1st  Riding the waves  Paul Way 2nd  Twr Bach lighthouse  David Slade 3rd  Venetian boats  Wendy Irwin Highly Commended  Running Grebe with Perch  Paul Way Highly Commended  Morning…

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Best of the rest’ competition results 18th September 2017


Judge: Stephen Clifford CPAGB BPE2 This was Stephen’s first time judging at the club. Not only was he concise and clear but there was also a remarkable consistency in most of his comments with those made by judges last year when the same images were originally presented. If only the same could be said for Football referees !.  Intermediate Category Place Title Photographer 1st  Gannett – Morus Bassanus  Alastair Gorton 2nd  Luke Mossey ( British Superbikes )  David Bourne 3rd  Squirrel  Steve Copeland Highly Commended  Laura…

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‘Best of the rest’ entries

Remember to bring your ‘best of the rest’ competition entries along tonight ( 11/09/17 )with a completed entry form. This competition is for PRINTS that were entered last year but did not get placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Points from this competition do not count towards the ‘points winner’ over the season. Also if you have any PDI images that might be considered for external inter-club competitions please be providing Christine with these. Will

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Annual Print of the year competition 2016 – 2017 held on 24th March 2017

Judge: Tony Winfield Intermediate Category Place Title Photographer 1st  Inspired by Caneletto  Wendy Irwin 2nd  Summer fruits bottled  Wendy Irwin 3rd  Humber sunset  Ian Smith Highly Commended  Moat Low  Alastair Gorton Highly Commended  Harvest mouse  David Bourne Commended  Ice skates for mending  Ian Smith Commended  Mr and Mrs Simmons  Wendy Irwin Commended  Potted green oak leaves  Wendy Irwin Advanced Category Place Title Photographer 1st  Deer in morning mist  Les Beardmore 2nd  Sunrise at Llyn Padarn  Paul Way 3rd  Mountain hare in snow  Les Beardmore Highly…

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People Portrait competition – 20th March 2017

Judge:  John Haynes People / Portrait overall winner: Weight lifter – Les Beardmore Intermediate Category Place Title Photographer 1st  Girl in the blue jacket  Alastair Gorton 2nd  Grumpa band  Wendy Irwin 3rd  Water slide fun  Paul White Highly Commended  Steam Punk in Venice  Wendy Irwin Commended  Last Post  Paul White Commended Print man Wendy Irwin Advanced Category Place Title Photographer 1st  Weight lifter  Les Beardmore 2nd  Scottish widow  Les Beardmore 3rd  Morgan  Les Beardmore Highly Commended  Martin  William Brown Commended  The card sharp  Irene Stupples…

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Open print competition – 6th March 2017

Judge: David Grounds Intermediate Category Place Title Photographer 1st  Harvest mouse  David Bourne 2nd  Inspired by Caneletto  Wendy Irwin 3rd  Gannet  Alastair Gorton Highly Commended  Humber sunset  Ian Smith Highly Commended Total comfort  Erin Smallbone Commended  Just a bit further  David Bourne Commended  Having a rest  Steve Copeland Commended  Ice skates in for mending  Ian Smith Advanced Category Place Title Photographer 1st  Mountain hare in snow  Les Beardmore 2nd  Deer in morning mist  Les Beardmore 3rd  Old man of the sea  Irene Stupples Highly Commended…

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