Cheadle CATS – Sunday 18th February 2018

For quite a few years members of the camera club have had the opportunity to photograph the cast and a performance of the CATS Panto. This year that opportunity is on Sunday 18/02/18. This takes place at the Cheadle Academy / Cheadle High School. Usually I provide 2 studio style setups. One is for the blown white background ( this is NOT high-key ) which I use to get the photos that they want. The second setup is usually a coloured or dark background for…

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Alton Towers Competition


The Alton Towers competition is something that gives club members a unique challenge each year. Everyone has the same subject matter available and the same lighting conditions. This year was made more challenging by the weather which, for most of the 90 minutes was either overcast cloud or rain. We did have a glimmer of sunlight just towards the end. This meant that I was even more eager and also nervous to see what people had achieved on the night. The time and resources provided…

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