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Chairman and 'Webmaster' with a preference for photography involving drama, stories and people.

Open PDI competition – 21st October 2013

The first PDI ( Projected Digital Image ) competition of the season saw us welcome a judge who was new to the cub, Mark Wilbury.  From the start he made it clear that his comment style might come across a little differently from our normal judging experience. Part of this being due to it being an open competition round meaning the subject matter and style of the entered images would make it impossible to directly compare images. Emphasis would be made on the stadium and punctum…

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Open print competition – September 2013

With this being the first competition of the season there was much anticipation and some nervousness. Last year, Steve Geary, a newcomer to the club but not new to photography competitions, clearly announced his arrival going straight into the Advanced category and he had a very strong year. What might happen this year ? Amongst the Intermediate entries there were first time entries from people who had just  joined the club and not previously entered a competition; some from people who joined last season but had not yet entered…

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