Practical evening 6th November 2017

The sessions that we have planned for the evening are outlined below. There will also be space for informal discussion of whatever is concerning you, photographically of course.

Session 1:

a) Open image critique with George – Bring along images for helpful critique. Images do not need to be mounted.

b) Initial image file processing – Converting images from raw and making initial modifications / corrections.

c) Colour management – Managing your colour options from camera to print. Knowing how to access the colour settings on your camera or bringing the manual will be helpful.


Session 2:

d) Mounting prints and Re-sizing for PDI – Preparing your images for competitions.

e) Image processing, ‘fancy stuff’ – Moving on from the initial raw image file conversion to a variety of digital tips and tricks

f) The Exposure Triangle and depth of Field – Looking at shutter speed, aperture and ISO, how they each contribute to an image’s exposure and depth of field. Also the contribution to Depth of Field made by the lens choice.


Session ‘c’ and ‘f’ might swap over depending on projector options.

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