Member user details and galleries

If you received an email earlier this week you would know that the hosting for this website has been changed due to 1 & 1 wanting to hike up the price to £71 pa. I have uploaded most of the website and most of it is now as it was. This is my third evening on the matter.


Member galleries

I had started to update some galleries to a ‘masonary’ style – images fitting together like a mosaic. These gallery styles have, at the moment been lost. I still have the images and these galleries will be restored.

Member logins

Unfortunately these have not transferred. I will endeavour to set people up again from the details I have in the emails I get when someone registers. This will not include the password that you used. I will have to give you a new password that you can then change at your leisure.


I will probably not be doing any of this until net week, I need some sleep and to get images from Sunday & Monday night processed before the next batches from this weekend.

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