Open PDI Competition 15/10/18

Our judge for the evening was Robert Ings Intermediate 1st Abandoned Ian Smith 2nd All Clear Ian Smith 3rd Get off my food David Bourne Highly commended Rob Collard British Touring Championship David Bourne Highly commended Hollywood glamour David Hulme Highly commended Mercaderes meeting Ian Smith Commended Steps in time Chris Lord Commended Well balanced David Hulme Advanced 1st Lighting the way Alastair Gorton 2nd Grebe feeding chick 2 Paul Way 3rd Flowers on the bar Wendy Irwin Highly commended Ogwen Valley Paul Way Highly…

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Practical night 24/09/18

The first practical night of the season was studio style setups for people photographs. Our model for the evening was Mina Von Vixen. Mina’s vintage style enabled the first set to be classic Hollywood style two-point lighting. One key light about 45° from the front and 45°up. The second light was a kicker directly opposite the key. The lighting used was a pair of Fresnel lensed Lupo HMI continuous lights. The Fresnel lens gives the lighting the same quality as those classic monochrome images from…

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Best of the rest competition – 17th September 2018

Judge: Jeff Reader Intermediate Category Place Title Photographer 1st Graceful Alastair Gorton 2nd Cotswold hunt Gordon Clayton 3rd Packhorse bridge at Three Shires Head Alastair Gorton Highly Commended Abandoned workshop Alan Lovatt Highly Commended Parga old town Ian Smith Commended Roadside kill Ian Smith Commended The Mill Inn Gordon Clayton Advanced Category Place Title Photographer 1st Slightly creepy clowns Wendy Irwin 2nd Eastbourne pier David Slade 3rd Wildboarclough Paul Way Highly Commended Beacon off Anglesey David Slade Highly Commended Grebe with chick Paul Way Commended Tallulah…

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Possible changes to the internal club competitions for September 2019

Concern has been raised about the relatively low total number of entries ( as opposed to the number of images not previously been entered ) in one of the competition rounds this season. This, along with some other factors, led to some discussion amongst committee members about the internal club competitions. Some of this was then shared with members at the AGM. Some of the possible options, but not the reasoning, are given later in this post. We need members to discuss this during the coming…

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2018 MCPF Photofolio Exhibition

 The following Club Members images were accepted into the 2018 MCPF Photofolio Exhibition. :- Paul Way – Colour Print:  Grebe With Chick 14 points David Slade –  Mono Print: Brighton Pier 13points George Robinson – Colour Print: Misty Appearance 14 points Alastair Gorton – Colour Print: Stonechat 13 points Richard Bryant – Open PDI: Mating Frogs 12 points Jim Stupples – Open PDI:  Alone with a Friend 11 points                       Colour Print:  Morning Prayers 13 points Irene Stupples – Mono Print: Companions 12 points Colour…

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Print of the year competition – April 2018


The judge this year was Ralph Duckett MPAGB APAGB EFIAP who, as ever, gave an informative and interesting commentary on each image.   Intermediate 1st Bella Ian Smith 2nd Stonechat Alastair Gorton 3rd Mayan Indian guide Ian Smith Highly commended Heacham Groynes Alastair Gorton Highly commended I have seen my future Erin Smallbone Commended Orange Jellyfish, open ocean Steve Copeland Commended Grey Heron Alastair Gorton   Advanced 1st Calm sea Irene Stupples 2nd Private eye Jim Stupples 3rd A rose and two bottles Wendy Irwin…

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Open print competition March 2018


After the ‘Beast from the East’ postponed the March Open Competition, the rearranged event has now happened. The judge was Peter Clark FRPS, EFIAP/p, APSA, MPSA. Peter’s comments and general advice are always worth listening to. His long list of awards is based on knowing how to get quality images across a broad variety of media. The Intermediate competition was won by a member who is in their first year of entering competitions. He has rolled with the punches of judges and come through the…

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Staffordshire Photographic Clubs Print competition 2018

The following prints were selected to represent our Club in the Staffordshire Photographic Clubs Print competition. This was held at Lea Hall Sports and Social Club on 11th April 2018. Two Bottles and a Rose – Wendy Irwin A Quiet Day at Clara’s – Wendy Irwin Mountain Hare – Les Beardmore Great Crested Grebe with Young – Les Beardmore Mountain Hare in Snow – Les Beardmore Eastbourne Pier at Sunrise – David Slade Sakrisoy – Irene Stupples Loch Ewe – Irene Stupples Misty Appearance –…

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People – Portrait competition 16th April 2018


The judge for this year’s People / Portrait competition was John Cartlidge EFIAP/p BPE5 APAGB. We therefore knew that we would be in for an amusing, informative and enriching evening. His on-point critique and side comments did not disappoint. I did find the number of entries disappointing, only 39 in total. Blists Hill was the most popular outdoor location for entries. The Village Hall was the most popular indoor location, courtesy of the studio evening a few months ago. In the final ‘face off’ between…

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